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Dojo Etiquette

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* Be excellent to each other - this is the number one rule. Be cool to each other, mindful of your surroundings and this forum.

Keep Dojo Clean !! - bugs on your hardware is so much worse than on your software.. Chip in and help toss some trash out. Wipe down the tables and coffee area. If you borrow a monitor, help bring it back.

No Stealing from the Dojo- You can bring stuff in but don't take stuff out. Borrowing with permission is cool.

First day at Dojo? - Share to your friends on social media! Grab a coffee and talk to a member!

Restricted Areas - Meeting Rooms and Maker Space are for members only. Tools are accessible for members only and this includes 3d printer and Laser Cutter. Orientation required.

Events - No Dine and Dash! You are more than welcome to jump in an event and attend. We ask if the organizer is serving food you stay for the duration of the event. Some events may have limited supply, please be mindful.

Personal Storage - We have lockers and areas for materials, please inquire about storing supplies and items.

Refrigerator - No overnight storage of food, it is cleaned out daily

No Sleeping in Dojo! - Naps are ok, no sleeping in cars on premise. 48 hours parking lot limit.

Pretty simple. We will add more if needed and for more info feel free to pass by our policies on our wiki @