Tiny DataCenter + iSpooge Live Vlogging Platform

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Tiny DataCenter + iSpooge Live Vlogging Platform

Post by harlanji » Thu Jul 12, 2018 2:21 pm

This year I've been building a platform for running IT as a sovereign, which has resulted in a valuable crate that I call Tiny DataCenter. A "hard" use-case I picked to showcase this platform is streaming video, which I've implemented on my site iSpooge Live. There isn't any intellectual property in the project per-se, and I've just taken steps to product-ize and QA a lot of existing specific technologies together.

I run YouTube and Twitch channels where I can engage audiences with live streaming and lectures on experimental system design, cooking, comedy, and more. I've evaluated some non-traditional entity types like B Corp and Nonprofit, and funding sources like Patreon--studying techniques that YouTube channel 'creators' use. I've a few things in the works to monetize and produce various aspects of this work within my network, but do not wish to own the business nor coordinate this stuff long term--just own R&D and engineering, getting things rolling and vetting/training staff.

If you check out my GitHub over the past few years I've done a number of experiments, and I've also a web page that summarizes my work experience. I've also a long stream of videos on my YouTube channel, iSpooge Daily. Currently I'm working on some new research and the system is in a limping state because I've relocated and changed some assumptions about operations, and the general solutions to all problems become part of the stack given that I am the first and only customer of the system and it's Dogfood Driven.

Some links:

* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LOTH7t_tNSI - 20min about goals
* https://tinydatacenter.com/wwwwwh.html - TinyDC about
* https://tinydatacenter.com/2018-04-10-ispooge-live.html - iSpooge Live launch
* https://github.com/harlanji/tinydatacenter
* https://github.com/harlanji/ispooge
* https://github.com/harlanji/event-sourcing-clj
* https://github.com/harlanji/clojureseed
* https://harlanji.com/software-engineering.html - experience matrix
* https://ispooge.com - links to social media channels

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Re: Tiny DataCenter + iSpooge Live Vlogging Platform

Post by jennifercharles » Mon Apr 01, 2019 8:58 am

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Re: Tiny DataCenter + iSpooge Live Vlogging Platform

Post by kevinjordan15 » Thu Apr 11, 2019 2:30 pm

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